We Create safe spaces.

Glassless Minds is a 501 (c)(3) corporation that facilitates and fosters constructive emotional outlets and personal expression in an accepting and safe space for teenagers and young adults through a variety of mediums:  spoken word poetry, creative writing, poetry, music and visual art. There is something truly magical and transformative about performing art in front of a group of strangers and friends with all our vulnerabilities and fears trying to hold us back. It is equally magical and therapeutic to listen to others bravely tell their stories and know that we are not alone.

Since 2010, Glassless Minds has been dedicated to building a community here in North County San Diego of like-minded poets, musicians, comedians, spectators, activists, educators, and other artists.  Our staff is small and completely volunteer. We do this because we love it and have all personally experienced powerful healing and inspiration through Glassless Minds. 

The Glassless Minds Community Impact

For the past 9 years, Glassless Minds has influenced countless lives.  Encouraging individuals to express themselves in a supportive and accepting environment allows them to become comfortable with their own voice, feelings, and aspirations without fear of rejection.  By inspiring confidence within themselves, we provide our community with a lifelong appreciation of who they are as people which they take with them and apply to multiple facets of their life.

By providing a safe space for teens and adults to express themselves, we've helped:

  • build confidence through public speaking and community building

  • deal with mental illness through personal narrative, storytelling, and community

  • create lifelong friendships, even a marriage or two;)

  •  direct people toward social and mental services near by

  • inspire people to explore their creativity

  • teach folks writing and performance techniques from professionals

  • provide volunteer leadership opportunities for teens

Our Mission

"Establish and maintain public facilities designed to cultivate and nurture culture, art and compassion through expressive arts."