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Youth Open Mic Ft Rolland Tizuela

Join us for some scary fun at our Open Mic full of fear, fun, poetry and music! Wear your halloween costume if you dare. This spooky Thursday we wil be having one of the scariest features of all, Rolland Tizuela He is fire spitting, scary good. He also has the best stories and best scary story telling voice so maybe he will enlighten us on some spooky anecdotes! Who knows what this creature has in store? Rolland, is the founder of Glassless Minds Organization and host at the Glassless Minds (normal/adult open mic). Rolland is like a father to the Youth leaders of Glassless and very respected Poet. He went back to college to learn more recently because he is fascinated with learning and life. If you are having a bad day he is the guy to hang out with, he will definitely bring your spirits up. Rolland is an amazing performance spoken word poet, especially at slams, he goes all out! I wish I could preform and project as hard hitting and beautifully as he does. You will not be dissappointed with our feature:)